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Who are the Mayas?, Where are they?, What they did that makes them so special?
Learn more on this sites and enjoy better your Guatemala discovery trip.

Actually the modern Mayas are a blend of different cultures that do still have strong roots in the past, they do not build big rock temples anymore or perform human sacrifices, however they do have a very rich spiritual life and a different way of see things.

The modern Mayan people also keeps a strong textile history alive, their textiles and designs are incredibly colorful and complex, the Ixchel museum in Guatemala city is a bless of information and their collection is among the best in the world.

Some Valuable Links

www.famsi.org a great source of graphic history of mayan designs

www.mesoweb.com a group of scholars runs this well informed site

www.mayavase.com  Mayan vases rools...A great number of them.

www.mesoamerican-archives.com many documents and great information

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