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This land has so much to offer that it is almost an embarrassment! From the splendor of the Ancient Mayas to the Spanish colonial era; the breathtaking scenery of mountains and lakes; the thriving and colorful culture of the actual indigenous peoples with their markets and unique lifestyle; the awe-inspiring monuments of the mysterious Maya civilization; there is no country in the world to our knowledge that has so much to offer the visitor in so small an area. You can go from the depths of steaming tropical jungles to cool frigid mountain peaks, from the Atlantic Ocean coral beaches to the Pacific volcanic black beaches in just a matter of hours.

And as if this were not enough, combine an ideal climate of eternal spring and the mountains different heights (generating many ecological areas and more biodiversity than the best known Costa Rica and many more square kilometers of national reserves too), with a living welcoming, hospitable Mayan population everywhere, with their friendliness and traditions, at a low cost and you have the perfect exotic vacation 

Guatemala is the northernmost country in Central America. It borders to the north and west with Mexico; to the East with Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and the Caribbean with  the second biggest coral reef belt in the world and to South with the Pacific Ocean with their rich volcanic black sand beaches. Administratively it is divided into 22 departments, which are equivalent to States or Provinces (except that they do not have independence or their own laws or constitution) and it has a territory of 108,889 square kilometers (42,042 square miles).

The country enjoys moderated climate throughout the year in most of its territory, with an average
temperature of 20oC (75oF). total estimated population is 12 million inhabitants, and the official language is Spanish but 23 indigenous languages are spoken through the land,20 of them are Mayan, 1 is African Garifuna and 1.. the Xinca is a mystery people emigrated from the Inca civilization. English is teach in all the education systems  so many people speaks some.

It should be highlighted that the nature is extensive an unique, 8 major ecosystems form part of it. This makes it a natural paradise with a wide variety of landscapes and multiple microclimates, from the tropical low rainforest of Petén, through the mountain cloud forests,  volcanoes and volcanic lakes of the highlands, to the tropical volcanic black beaches of the Pacific Ocean and the Coral Beaches of the Caribbean Sea and cactus semi-desserts in the Oriental part. Therefore it has a vast amount of flora and fauna that makes Guatemala rank very high in biological diversity in Central America plus the legacy of the Mayan civilization and the Colonial period monumental constructions . 

The Mayans developed a very complex social, political, scientific, religious and artistic organization. They developed a calendar more accurate than the Gregorian calendar or any other used by any civilization in mankind history. They Domesticate the corn, discovered the mathematical concept of the ZERO before any other human civilization (1500 years before the Arabs) and discover to humanity the vanilla beans, frijoles (beans), chicle (bubble gum), tobacco and Chocolate among other not so well known products and medicines.   Its architecture is based on pyramidal shaped-scaled bodies with huge staircases and a superb use of the open spaces mixed with astronomical observations.  They were the creators of highly artistic hieroglyphic writing that has made it possible to interpret their legacy through the passing of time and a superb bi-digesimal numerical system based on the number 20 inspired in the sum of all the human fingers.  In our actual civilization we are slaves of the time, the Mayas in fact made from time observation a true religion making them a very special and unique civilization, with a different approach to the universe probably due to the lost custom of skull deformation that seems to increase their intelligence and transform the way they see this world similar to the third eye vision of the Himalayans.

Our experience with the Maya and the extensive study of write chronicles make us believe that the ruler class and their fantastic knowledge did "mysteriously" disappear due to various causes which include wars, revolutions, overpopulation, Mexican immigrations and religion changes but specially the change from ceremonial wars to total war system imposed by the barbarian Mexican Toltecs, so the actual Indians are a mix of Mesoamerican immigrants with the descendants of remain agricultural class Maya inhabitants. So you see remains of Olmec, Mayan, Toltec, Pipil, Xinca, Cotzumalhuapan and many other cultures in such a small territory. The Mormons also believe that Kaminal Juyu in Guatemala city and other Maya centers are the places where Jesus Christ (Kukulkan?) walked among ancient Americans making this a holy land for them too.

Please enjoy this very "small" but VERY complex country, you will be welcome every time you visit, trying to see all what is available just make you find out that there is something else you haven't seen, the Country of  The Eternal Spring and the truly heart of the Mayan World, it is a magical place too, most visitors just felt in love with Guatemala immediately during  their first visit.. I bet you will too.   

In this web site we also offer you the following services: Travel arrangements, hotel reservations, tours, shuttles and other services based in our over 35 years of experience in tourism and in our wish of making your visit to our native country a safe, educative and positive pleasant travel experience just as we did with many travelers (see comments here)

Sincerely yours René Sanchinelli Pilón
- Posada Belen
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