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Everybody needs a valid passport with at least 6 months until expiration

Countries that don't need VISA

Alemia* (Germany) Finland* Nueva Zelanda
Andorra* Francia Paises Bajos ( Holland )*
Argentina* Grecia Panama
Australia Honduras Paraguay
Austria* Ireland Portugal
Belgica* Israel* United Kindom
Belice Italia* Irlanda del Norte**
Brasil Japon* Rep. de China ( Taiwan )
Canada Liechtenstein* San Marino
Costa Rica Luxemburgo* Santa Sede ( Vaticano )
Chile* Mexico Suecia*
Dinamarca* Monaco* Suiza*
El Salvador Nicaragua Uruguay*
España Noruega* Venezuela
Estados Unidos*

* Valid for three months stay

Only for headline of British passport in whose interior is read: " BRITISH CITIZEN". In case of headline of passport Briton that doesn't indicate the anterior, search for in "C" category, or in B for "Briton's Territories" with the exception of Hong Kong that this in the "D" category.

Countries that need VISA

Arabia Saudita Rep. Checa
Bahrein Rep. Eslovaca
Filipinas Sudafrica
Islandia Polonia
Kuwait .

Countries that need obligatory VISA

Antigua y Barbuda Jamaica
Barbados Kiribati
Belau Lesotho
Bolivia** Madagascar
Burkina Faso Malta
Burundi Marruecos
Cabo Verte Mauricio
Camerun Micronesia
Colombia** Nauru
Comoras Niger
Corea, Rep de ( Corea del Sur ) Nigeria
Costa de Marfil ( Ivory Cost ) Papua-Nueva Guinea
Chad Rumania
Chipre Rusia, Federacion de
Dominica San Cristobal y Nevis
Egipto San Vicente y las Granadinas
Fiji Santa Lucia
Gabon Santo Tome y Principe
Gambia Samoa Occidental
Ghana Seychelles
Granada Senegal
Guinea Sierra Leona
Guinea Bissau Swaziland
Guinea Ecuatoria Tonga
Hungria Trinidad y Tobago
Islas Marshall Tuvalu
Islas Salomon Vanuatu

* VISA consulted in their country of origin or legal residence.

VISA only in ordinary passport, treatment for diplomatic passports, consular, official or of service, go into category "A"

Everybody needs a valid passport, except Central American citizens.


Persons from countries in the D category coming into Guatemala from Canada, United States or Mexico whit a stamped VISA of any of this countries MAY NOT need previous consult if they acquire their Guatemala visa in any of this 3 countries accredited Guatemalan consulates, depending if you are legal resident or not, make sure you let the officials know your legal status in such country at moment of requesting your visa. And if from the US also helps to bring your green card.
Persons from countries in the D category that can proof being in Guatemala within 2 years before do NOT need previous consult to get a new visa.
Transit visas needs the visa of the next country and show tickets if applicable..
Persons from D countries married over 3 years with a Guatemalan citizen do not need previous consult.
Business visas are good for 30 days and for a maximum of 3 entries during such period of time.
Citizens from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador or Peru whit valid US visa stamped  in their passport can enter the country with Tourism card.


New regulations make easier to travel to Guatemala, and this can
change often, so if you are not from North America or Central America
we suggest to check any late update directly at the migration web site:


Countries that need VISA and previous authorization of Guatemalan Migration Authorities.

Afghanistan Haiti Peru*
Albania Hong Kong Qatar
Angola Indonesia Rep. Centro Africana
Algeria  India Rep. Dominicana*
Armenia Iran Rwanda
Azerbaijan Iraq Singapore
Bangladesh Jordania Syria
Benin Kazajstan Somalia
Bhutan Kenya Sri-Lanka
Byelorussia Kyrgystan Sudan
Bosnia-Herzegovina Laos Suriname
Botswana Leetonia Thailand
Brunei Lebanon Tajikistan
Bulgaria Liberia Tanzania
Cambodia Libya Togo
Congo Lithuania Tunes
North Korea Macedonia Tumerenistan
Croatia Malaysia Turquia
Cuba Malawi Ukraine
Continental China Maldives Uganda
Djibouti Mali Uzbequiztan
Ecuador Mauritania Vietnam
Slovenia Moldavia Yemen
Estonia Mongolia Yemen Democratic
Ethiopia Mozambique Yugoslavia
Georgia Namibia Zaire
Guam Nepal Zambia
Guyana Nyamar Zimbabwe
Pakistan Oman


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