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Have you ever wanted to test your physical skills on a REAL adventure expedition, traveling in a not too long a go guerrilla war zone? in a jungle that only few modern humans had traveled to? feel like a real XIX century explorer because you will take part of a real expedition with horses, jungle camping, jungle guides and the pristine jungle rivers, chances are that you can be the discoverer of a new plant, bird or insect, forget the so call Eco-tourism in other countries where you have to move the people to take a picture of the monkeys or keep walking in the marked path...this is the REAL EXPEDITION THING and is only for a very few lucky well fit brave ones. IF YOU ARE NOT FIT ENOUGH WE HAVE OTHER OPTIONS...EMAIL US

5 days 4 nights, Guides, Horses, Jungle lodging and meals included

 This trail is operated by people from Carmelita, the northernmost village of the Petén located close to the Mexican border.   This community was founded 60 years ago as an important base for chicle collection and processing. Chicle is the resin of the Chico Zapote tree, which forms the natural base of chewing gum. Another rainforest product is the Xate palm frond which is used in floral arrangements. The villagers of Carmelita have always depended on the surrounding forest for their livelihood and have extracted these non-timber forest products in a sustainable manner, they really know their way in the jungle and walk along with you but they are not bilingual or tour guides in archaeology. 

This trail explores the Lost Maya Kingdom of El Mirador. Where legend is at its height, El Mirador was four times as grandiose as Tikal and the biggest of all Mayan ruins.  This impressive huge site remains one of the most isolated and understudied of the great Mayan ruins. Although largely excavated, these ruins are still predominantly intact, protected by the dense jungle canopy which covers and protects them from erosion and other destructive agents or looters.

The most impressive structure in the complex is the Tigre Pyramid, which stands at an unprecedented height of 18 stories, the biggest pyramid yet discovered in the World (according to National Geographic), with a base the size of three football fields and 7 stories high.

 Hundreds of other buildings in this gigantic complex still remain undiscovered. Come and explore El Mirador just like in the early times, one of the greatest legacies left by the incredible Maya Civilization to humanity!

The Jungle Part... 

Day 1

  • From Flores airport or hotel, early transport by 4x4 pickup to Carmelita. Arrival at Carmelita and traditional Guatemalan breakfast in a local “comedor” or café.
  • Depart for campsite and the El Tintal archaeological site. This is approximately an 8 hour trek.  Stop for rest and lunch on jungle path. 
  • Arrive at El Tintal and explore the ancient ruins.
  • Set up camp at El Tintal.

 Day 2

  • Early breakfast at El Tintal and departure toward chiclero/xatero camp.
  • Hike or ride horse to the chicle/xate camp of Carrizal. (Approx. 7 hour trek.)
  • Wildlife watching in late afternoon.
  • Camp in Carrizal.

Day 3

  • Breakfast in the Carrizal.
  • Hike or ride horses from Carrizal to the National Park of El Mirador (approximately 4 hours). Explore the giant Mayan Pre-classical city of El Mirador and devour a jungle lunch in the ruins. Many archeologists speculate that El Mirador was the first major organized settlement of the ancient Maya. The ruins are of such staggering size and proportion that they dominate more popular sites like Tikal, Uxmal, Copan, Chichen Itza, Palenque Etc,. El Tigre, the largest pyramid built by Mankind and the Maya, sits in El Mirador.  It is over 18 stories tall with a base the size of three football fields! The extensive site lies (for the most part) unexcavated and occupies over 16 sq. km. of tropical forest.
  • We have dinner and spend that night in magical site of El Mirador.


Day 4 & 5

  • Return to civilization and camp near the archeological ruins of El Tintal (approx. 8 hrs.). Explore the nearby ruins and camp in El Tintal.
  • We arrive in Flores in the afternoon of the fifth day.
  • For those taking the 8 days package you spend the night at the Hotel Petén or similar
Day 7,
  •  Early transfer to Tikal, guided visit to the ruins and museum, about 3 PM you are drive back to Flores to take your flight to Guatemala city. Overnight at Posada Belen or similar
Day 8,
  • you are take to the International airport or keep your journey in the Guatemala highlands.


What to Bring to Jungle Expeditions

·         1 pair of shorts or Bermudas or transformable pants (recommended)
        1 pair of long pants
long sleeve shirts
      1 pair of light and strong boots and enough thick socks
      2 t-shirts    
 Light and breathable rain jacket
Insect repellant
        Flashlight and  extra batteries
        Sunglasses with holders and sunscreen cream
·        New Lighter

And most important: Strong Adventurer Spirit

(Prices may change without notice)        

5 Days starting from Flores $779 P/P 1 Pax
$579 P/P 2 Paxs
$479 P/P 3 or more Paxs
Also 1 day by Helicopter upon request
8 days 7 Nights starting from Guate or Antigua $1599 P/P 1 Pax
$1299 P/P 2 Paxs
$1259 P/P 3 Paxs or more
 The 8 days Package Includes:
- Airport-Hotel-Airport transfers (4)
- 2 Nights at Posada Belen or similar (First and Last)
- Plane Tickets Guate-Flores-Guate
- 5 days expedition to El Mirador with meals
- 1 day Tikal Tour
       Transfer Flores-Tikal-Flores,, guided visit and lunch
- 1 Night Hotel in Flores at the Hotel Petén or similar

Reservation and Inquire Form

Add $65 p/p and get 1 extra jungle day to visit the Nakbe ruins




Zotz the (Bat) is a fantastic nature wild life experience, millions of insectivorous and fruit bats come out of this cave on the sunset, just getting there is a eco experience that is worth the trip if you add the bats show and the mystic experience of search for Tikal thought the ancient jungle paths...well you have to live it to understand ....

This trail is operated by the Kekchíe Maya community of Cruce Dos Aguadas, located 62 Km north of Flores.  This trail winds through the El Zotz Biotope and comes out into Tikal through the back door.  Wildlife, archaeology and jungle exploration come together in this magical experience.

Day 1

5:30 am            Transport from Flores to Cruce Dos Aguadas by 4x4 pickup.

6:30 am            Arrival at Cruce and breakfast with local community.  This is where our journey begins. A local assistant will prepare the  horses pack. If requested ahead of time.

7:00 am            The 4-hour trail to Zotz is quite a windy road, with dense foliage and lively spider monkeys.  

11:30 am          Stop for a box lunch along the way to El Zotz.

3:30 pm            Trek through the Biotope jungle.

5:30 pm            Arrival at camp site near a patrol station.

                        We walk to the base of a bat cliff (about 500 meters from the camp) to observe hundreds of thousands of bats leaving their cave dwellings in the cliff for a night of foraging. Bat falcons can also be seen, diving at a high speed into the streams of bats as they hunt for their prey.

Bats are one of the most important elements in the reproduction of the rainforest. In one single night, a fruit bat can disperse the seeds of a tree along many square kilometers; nectar-eating bats also help the pollination of many other plant species, insect eating bats also help keep the insects controlled, some vampires do also live among this cave walls .

 The bats flight make an incredible and exciting experience, fully charged with the vitality of nature mixed with the strong feelings this flying mammals generate to humans.          

Evening             Dinner is a strong meal – including fresh, hot tortillas – is prepared by your guide over a wood fire. Friendly conversation with the members of the expedition and the always helpful staff of the forest patrol station make for a pleasant evening in the jungle.

Day 2
6:30 am            The day begins with breakfast and exploration of the nearby archaeological site,  surveying its plazas and       jungle-covered mounds. Climbing the tallest mound, the Devil’s Pyramid, provides a glimpse of the   summits of the temples of Tikal, 23 km to the East

7:00 – 11:00    Head to El Yesal, a small jungle camp, about midway between Zotz and Tikal

 Noon:              Lunch along the trail to El Yesal.

   3:30 pm            Arrive at Yesal. The camp grounds include thatched roof bungalows to hang hammocks and mosquito nets, and a latrine.  After camp is set, we climb the hill just above the camp, for a view of the endless forest and the temples of Tikal in the horizon.

6:30 pm            Dinner at El Yesal. After dinner, we relax and listen to the sounds of the jungle. We’ve even heard jaguars howling in the distance.

Day 3
6:30 am            Breakfast in El Yesal.

7:00 am            Break camp and head for the final leg of our journey, through rolling terrain covered by tall primary forest. During this segment, NO pack horses are available, so passengers carry their own packs. For this reason, we remind you to pack lightly.

Noon:               Lunch in the jungle.

4:00 pm            Arrival at Temple IV in the west of the restored area of the site.
                          end of the expedition

We recommend to spend the night in Tikal, arrangements can be made  for a room with private bath in a hotel in the park and a minibus back to Flores the next day at 2PM to take a plane back to Guatemala. Or If you would like to return to Flores in the evening or other time to continue your vacations in Guatemala, Mexico or Belize, we can also arrange.

 Prices of El Zots and Tikal

El Zotz and Tikal 3 days hicking from Flores

$549 P/P 1 Pax
$426 P/P 2 Paxs
$399 P/P 3 Paxs or more

Reservation and Inquire Form




El Peru archaeological site represents a well known breeding ground and offers visitors the unique opportunity to observe the Scarlet Macaw bird in the wild.  Your visit to this protected area helps to redefine the value of the birds and increasing consciousness for the preservation of standing forests.


Day 1

5:00  am           Transport by 4x4 vehicle to Paso Caballos, a Kekchíe agrarian community

located 80 km northwest of Flores, Petén.

7:00  am           Arrival at Paso Caballos and traditional breakfast.

8:00  am           Embark on a journey down the Rio San Pedro, a sanctuary of flora and fauna.

10:00 am          Reach port at El Perú archeological site and hike for about 40 minutes.

12:00 pm          Arrival at a camp site where we will have lunch, rest and setup accommodations for the night. Hammocks, mosquito nets and latrines are provided.

2:00 pm            Walk through the vast jungle surrounding the campsite. Observe diverse plant and animal life.

5:30 pm            Return to campsite for dinner and a relaxing evening in the jungle.

Day 2

6:30 am            Breakfast at campsite.

7:15 am            Head toward archeological site of El Peru. From the base camp, it is a 30-min hike to Jobontun Cave, which  we will explore before continuing on to el Mirador de los Monos (the Monkeys’ Lookout.) The lookout is an overgrown Mayan ancient temple perched on top of a small mountain in the midst of the vast jungle. The views of LAGUNA EL PERU and the surrounding jungle are spectacular!             

10:00 am          While descending from the temple, our trail meanders through a dense tree-canopy tropical forest before spilling into the main plaza of the El Peru ruins.

12:00 pm          Lunch at the archeological site.

1:00 pm            Explore four plazas, which have fascinating estelas and abundant wildlife.  Toucans howler and spider monkeys and wild turkeys inhabit this area. Scarlet Macaws can be seen during their nesting period from February to June.

5:30                 Return to campsite for dinner and a relaxing evening in the El Peru archeological site.

Day 3

7:00 am            Breakfast at camp.

8:00 am            Head East, to the headwaters of the San Pedro River, toward Paso Caballos.

11:00 am          Arrive at Paso Caballos

12:00 pm          Traditional lunch with the community.

1:00  pm          After lunch, a 4x4 vehicle will be waiting to take you back to the city of Flores


1 Pax

2 Paxs

3 Paxs or more

El Perú 3 days




El Perú 2 days




Reservation and Inquire Form

You have the option of trekking through El Peru for two days or three days.  The trek is the same. The only difference is that for the two day itinerary, we will head back to Flores in the afternoon on the second day. 

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