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Rates: SWB:$36.00 DWB:$43.00 TWB:$48.00

Ask for our weekly rates and long term specials for NGO´s.
13 calle "A" 10-30, zona 1, at the Historical Center.
Phones: ++ (502) 253 4530 and (502) 232 9226.
Fax: ++ (502) 251 3478. email: pbelen@guatemalaweb.com
USA Voice mail 1 (530) 688-6463 USA Fax: 1 (530) 323-8484,

Rooms: 10

In Guatemala City your best friendly choice


Barrio El Calvario, Frente a Parque Guastatoya
Phone: 0451589
Rooms: 10

Please send your comments and hotel rating , recomendatons or info request to: guateweb@guatemalaweb.com

NOTE: The ^ simbol means half star in my own clasification system, considering that in ALL North America 
there is only half a dozen 5 stars hotels I feel this will bring you closer to the reality.... 
but any way stars are shine brighter  in Guatemala.