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The Chicken Buses
The terminals had being take over by the municipality, forcing them to move their traditional stations , unfortunately the authorities had NOT a clue of how to organize them so every one has gone their own way, I had remove the terminal addresses until someone in the tourist office or municipality of Guatemala decides to write a list of new addresses for  where to take the buses. meanwhile the taxi drivers are the best source of information. Taking a chicken bus can be consider almost a extreme sport

Safety tip:  When taking a bus at the bus terminal in Zona 4, make sure to take a taxi to get there
and ask the driver to wait for you until you make sure is the right bus company,.
Never leave your eyes out from your luggage. Try to use shuttles better.
 Assaults ocurre often in the chicken buses, the drivers are crazy, irresponsible  and buses are terribly inconfortable and smelly.

There is also the first class and deluxe buses that are OK like Linea Dorada, Hedman Alas, Litegua and few others that are better idea.

Consider this services too:

Hotel to Hotel transfers

Antigua $13
Antigua - Panajachel $18 -
Guate - Panajachel $25
Chichicastenango $16 - $23
Monterrico $38
Copan $38
Rio Dulce $38
Quetzaltenango $38
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